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My next class for MOLLI will be titled “What the Bible Really Says“. You can read more about the class here. If you choose to visit the page, however, feel free to browse through some of the other course offerings. But, just to pique your interest, give these two articles a glance. You’ll get a good idea of what it means to discover what the Bible really says.

  1. Does God Say Please?
  2. What Does “In Christ” really mean?

This up and coming course, like the Genesis Creation stories are often surprising to most of us. In my view, this is because the Bible has been interpreted largely through contemporary, Western eyes. However, when studied from an Ancient Near East perspective our understanding is so much more deeply enriched. Those of you who have taken one or more of my classes know that the Bible is anything but a set of fabulist stories meant for children, scientific illiterates, and other non-sophisticates.

What are these classes like? Well, I usually like to spend the first session re-introducing students to the Bible as it was read and understood in its original language by its original audience – the ancient Hebrews of the Canaan highlands. Even though this introduction is brief, you’ll be surprised at how little headway modern biblical scholarship has made in deepening our understanding of the Bible and contemporary religious teaching. Much of the resistence to new findings is the fear that existing doctrine will be weakened or, at its worse, overturned. Poppycock. It is precisely this head-in-the-sand view of the Bible that has led to rather egregious misunderstanding of the  text. This class, What the Bible Really Says, seeks to address many of these misunderstandings straight on.

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