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Genesis 15:3 – Is Abram Frustrated, Angry, or Both?

I’ve posted my translation of Genesis 15:3 in the Verse Translations ForumĀ (in the event you may want to post a question or make a comment). On the other hand, you can download the translation in PDF form. By way of … Continue reading

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The Image of God – Part I

Genesis 1:27 has confounded biblical scholars and theologians for millennia. Of course, as you might imagine, the debates over its meaning are legion. Of the numerous controversies, however, there are two that are interesting to me from a translation viewpoint … Continue reading

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Sin Crouching At The Door

Here is my translation of this theologically important verse (Genesis 4:7): If you do well, will you not be exalted? But, if you do not do well, sin blocks the door and its desire is for you. Therefore, you must … Continue reading

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Genesis 1:11-12 – Of Fruit Trees And Omnipotence

In Genesis 1:11 God instructs the earth to bring forth, among other forms of vegetation, “trees of fruit making fruit“1)Alternatively, “trees bearing fruit making fruit” or “trees bearing fruit continually“.. However, the next verse reveals that the earth failed to … Continue reading

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