Lesson 1: Particles


Lessons 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 introduce you to the Hebrew particles. A particle is a part of speech just like nouns, verbs, and adjectives that must be associated with another word or phrase to impart (or give it) meaning. Examples are the definite article, the conjunction, and the definite object marker, (dom).

In addition, you will learn about your first few Hebrew vowels and consonants.


hebrew-bible-wordsThis course will introduce you to three important Hebrew particles – the definite article, conjunctions, and a particle not found in English, the definite object marker (dom).

Let’s begin.

When you’ve completed these three lessons (and are satisfied with your progress) return here and take this test. If you are not satisfied with your performance, just go back and review the areas you believe could use additional work.

Hebrew Vowels אְ  אַ  אָ  אוּ  אֶ  אֵ
Hebrew Consonants א  ה  ת  ו

If you find that you are unable to confidently name the vowels (row 1) or the consonants (row 2), return to and review the lessons.

Exercise 1: Vowels, Consonants, and Hebrew Particles

NOTE: click on the Hebrew letter or word to hear its sound