Whose Righteousness – Abram’s or God’s?

Genesis 15:6 (NRS)

And he believed the LORD; and the LORD reckoned it to him as righteousness.

As translated by the RSV, this verse is grammatically incorrect. Correcting the English translation to correspond to the Hebrew

וְהֶאֱמִן בַּיהוָה וַיַּחְשְׁבֶהָ לּוֹ צְדָקָה

the English should read,

Then Abram believed in the LORD and thought the truth of God’s promises to be evidence of the LORD’s righteousness.

In other words, God is deemed righteous, not Abraham! The translation is explained in the October 2017 As It Is Written columnWhose Righteousness – God’s or Abraham’s?

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The Enslavement of the Israelites

Black, blonde, and red haired Hebrew slaves in Ancient Egypt

The December As It Is Written column is a brief discourse on the nature of the slavery suffered by the Israelites toward the end of their sojourn there. You can download/view the paper Here.


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Genesis 15:3 – Is Abram Frustrated, Angry, or Both?

I’ve posted my translation of Genesis 15:3 in the Verse Translations Forum (in the event you may want to post a question or make a comment). On the other hand, you can download the translation in PDF form.

By way of context, this verse and the preceding one constitute Abram’s response to God’s promise of offspring. Abram is not amused. The only other commercial translation that comes close to getting this right is the LXE (the English translation of the Greek Old Testament).


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Announcing the Bible Club

What’s a Bible club?

Basically it is a bible study that is low-stress, convivial, fulfilling (literally – check out the link below) – and highly informative way of engaging the Bible as it was meant to be engaged. Deeply. You can read about it here.

I’d hope to start up a Bible club here in Missoula so, if any of you have an interest in participating drop me a line at genesiscreationclass@gmail.com.

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