Genesis 1:11-12 – Of Fruit Trees And Omnipotence

In Genesis 1:11 God instructs the earth to bring forth, among other forms of vegetation, “trees of fruit making fruit1)Alternatively, “trees bearing fruit making fruit” or “trees bearing fruit continually“.. However, the next verse reveals that the earth failed to fulfill God’s instruction. Instead, we learn in verse 1:12 that the earth is only able to bring forth “trees making fruit“. What’s going on here? Is God not omnipotent after all? Or, is the earth like the other pantheistic gods of the Ancient Near East, possessed of will able to disobey the commands of the divine?

The answer must be – by a fair reading of the Hebrew text – Yes! For a detailed explanation see my latest As It Is Written article – March2017 – Trees of Fruit.

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